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Name: Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito
From: The World Ends With You (Post-game)
Appearance: Yo.
Age: About 16 or so
Gender: Male
Personality: Beat is not complicated, but he is deceptively deep. On the surface you've got a pretty standard jock type - he's focused, passionate, and hungry just like any shounen anime hero would be, though he has the same 'screw THE MAN' mindset of a delinquent his age. He's got an intelligence to match, too - big words kind of slip him up, and metaphors are totally useless around him. If he wants your flowery language, yo, he'll get you a bouquet to eat.

Beneath that, though, is a compassionate, caring guy who wants the best for his friends and family. Just because he's not good with words doesn't mean he's a total idiot; he's aware of his flaws and has a pretty good grasp on people, along with overall street smarts. He's also a bit of a softie deep down, always rooting for the underdog, wanting to watch out for those who aren't as fortunate.

He's a bit aimless - he doesn't really have any plans or goals, nor does he really want to - but you can't exactly call him a slacker, either. After all, he does perfectly well at motivating himself when a goal seems to be worth pursuing, it's just that very few goals appeal to him. There IS one thing that inspires him, though - his sister, Rhyme. She's got lofty dreams, is full of energy, has good grades... in other words, she's everything his parents wanted him to be. In turn, he values her happiness and her safety above his own, to the point of nearly idolizing her. He feels, deep down, that if he can help her succeed, then he didn't let anybody down at all.
Backstory: Really, Beat grew up like any other kid. He had a perfectly normal childhood, turned somewhat delinquent in his high school days... he was just your standard everyday skater punk.

And then he died.

It was a day like any other. It started with getting in a fight with his parents about how he'd never amount to anything, about how he'd shame the family by just being a layabout. And just like any other day, he stormed out to be by himself. It wasn't unexpected that Rhyme would come after him, try to talk him down from his bad mood, but Beat saw something she didn't when she started crossing the street to talk with him - a car speeding down the road towards her. Desperate to save his sister, Beat jumped into the street in an attempt to shove her out of danger... But life doesn't work like dramatic anime. Instead of pushing her out of harm's way, he wasn't quick enough, and ended up getting himself killed along with her.

But that wasn't the end. Beat and Rhyme were conscripted to play something called the "Reaper's Game", a week-long competition of survival through the streets of Shibuya where the winners would be allowed a chance to return to life. The price of admission? The thing most important to you was taken as your entry fee, and losing would mean complete and total erasure. Rhyme's fee was her dreams and aspirations, and Beat's... was his sister. Rhyme joined him in the game, certainly, but her first words to him upon starting the game were simply "nice to meet you". She had not only given up her goals and dreams, but her memory of Beat as well. Over the next few days, Beat did his best to convince Rhyme that he himself dreamed of being the world's best skater... if for no other reason than to give his sister something to fight for, a reason to go back to how things were.

Shortly after, the two met a kid named Neku Sakuraba. Neku's aloof, standoffish tendencies irritated Beat at first, but the two of them started working together at the goading of Neku's partner Shiki and Rhyme. Things were looking up... and then a simple mission on the fourth day left Beat and Rhyme caught in a trap laid by the Reapers. In a grim reversal of their deaths, Rhyme pushed Beat out of the way of an attacking Noise, only to get erased, herself, leaving Beat with little time left. After all, without a partner, one couldn't survive.

However, she wasn't completely erased. Remnants of Rhyme's soul remained, and an oddly helpful gentleman by the name of Hanekoma gathered those remnants up and put them into a pin. Beat had lost his partner, but wouldn't face erasure, at least... as long as someone else won the Reaper's Game, he would get by, too. However, Rhyme's soul had been distorted into the form of a Noise itself, and Beat had no idea how to release her from the pin. Needing answers, Beat sought help wherever he could find it.

Neku and Shiki won the Reaper's Game, and Beat ended up with them as well. However, he didn't choose to return to life. No, his choice had been made elsewhere - there was nothing in his life that was worth going back to, and he had learned how to free what was left of Rhyme... he opted to become a Reaper himself, with plans of taking out the Composer of the game himself in order to bring back Rhyme completely.

However, there was a second week. Apparently, it was odd for a game to be held two weeks in a row, but Beat had his orders as a Reaper: to harass and hinder Neku, who had returned to the game due to rules allowing only a single winner per game. Still upset about what happened to Rhyme and having her Noise form at his side (a flying squirrel that perched on his hat or shoulder most of the time), he channeled that rage into his work. At the same time, he wasn't really Reaper material. The thought of erasing someone ate at him, and so he always held back when he confronted Neku, and didn't erase any other players, either. After all, why would he do that to someone, when even jerkish Neku was sincere enough to return Rhyme's pendant to him after Beat tried to kill him?

Neku won the game again, but this time apparently there were more complications. Apparently, Neku's partner wasn't dead, breaking the rules of the Game by even being in it. Beat didn't care; he had done his job, and he could coast by on that. Except things weren't over - for a third week in a row, a Reaper's Game was held... except this one had a single entrant: Neku. As stated, a player couldn't survive without a partner, and Beat wasn't about to just sit around and watch the other Reapers torture Neku as they literally counted down the seconds until he was erased. Breaking almost every rule in the book, Beat formed a pact with Neku as his partner for the game, abandoning his status as a Reaper to help out his friend.

However, this was where Beat's lack of activity would catch up with him - having lost his status as a Reaper, Beat only had six days before total erasure, one day less than the length of the game. In addition, Rhyme was taken hostage by the Game Master as his entry fee. Fortunately, the game was much simpler: hide and seek. Find the Game Master in the seven days and defeat her, and the two would win. However, Beat had other plans. What use was it playing these Reaper's Games constantly if nothing came out of it? Instead, he talked Neku into heading to Shibuya River in order for Beat to defeat the Composer and take his place.

The rest of the week was kind of a blur for Beat, given that his life - and more importantly Rhyme's - was on a hard deadline. There was something about red skulls and everyone in Shibuya bein' tuned in to the same mental channel like a bunch of mindless zombies and Composers and Conductors and CAT and Tabooty and man, Beat didn't understand a bit of it. The important part was that Neku and Beat rescued Rhyme from the Game Master, defeated her, and then went on to stomp the Conductor into the ground and meet up with the Composer... who happened to be the same kid who was Neku's partner in the second week. Apparently the Composer was the one who killed Neku, and there was ANOTHER Game - or rather, a duel. Beat never saw what happened, but...

...the next thing he knew, he was back to life with his sister, Neku, and Shiki. Whatever Neku had done, he'd done good.

Moral Standing: Completely on the 'good' side of the spectrum. There's a definite sense of justice there, and while he might not be the most shining example of a person, his heart is in the right place and he'll always side with the greater good.
Dreams: A big factor in Beat's motivations is that he HAS no dreams... or rather, no aspirations. He'd be perfectly happy never amounting to much of anything, just doing what he wanted to do. Which is... really, whatever strikes his fancy at the time, usually food.
Fears: His biggest fears are the thought of something happening to Rhyme, or the thought of her never regaining her memories of him, which were taken away as his entry fee to the Reaper's Game.
Extra: Never call him by his real name. Ever. HE'S BEAT, YO. Unlike Neku, he's not bringing any pins with him - given that they aren't fighting Noise, he has no need for psychic attacks when brute force will suffice.

Samples: Beat's pact with Neku (Most important part at 4:30)
Beat in Kingdom Hearts 3D (Still in Japanese, untranslated - mostly presented as body language reference)
Writing Sample: Dear_Mun post


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